Green Building

A “green home” encompasses so much more than the structure and systems. It is interior, exterior, landscaping and lifestyle. It means different things to different people. It is living life to it’s fullest with the hope of improving the environmental footprint of the home as well as the environment of the world. It is surprisingly cost efficient and brings long-term financial savings as well as durability. It is a smart, thoughtful home.

It means:

  • Proper site selection to optimize passive and active solar, prevailing breezes, trees and waterways
  • A plan for diverting waste created by the building cycle through donation and repurposing
  • Recycling bins on the jobsite
  • An efficient use of building materials in order to not create excess waste
  • Use of salvaged materials and materials with recycled content when possible
  • High quality, energy efficient insulation, HVAC, windows and doors, appliances and lighting
  • Low VOC (volatile organic compounds) paint, materials with minimum off-gassing, and low-allergen materials
  • Water conservation through interior fixtures, exterior drought tolerant plants and water collection systems
  • Enhanced interior qualities such as excellent acoustics, temperature and moisture controls

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