Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency by definition will lower monthly and yearly usage costs. But it is also a part of the larger picture of reducing the stress on the planet for energy production, whether it be electricity, natural gas, or water use.

It means:

  • Site of the home on the lot, taking into account topography, prevailing breezes, and directional effects of the sun
  • Locating windows, doors and outdoor living spaces to take advantage of passive winter heating and avoiding harsh summer heat
  • Using AC systems with a SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) rating exceeding the building industry standard of 13 SEER
  • A lighting plan that will reduce heat and energy production--LED fixtures not only accomplish this, but are very long lived. Well planned use of natural light
  • Homes insulated with spray foam
  • Greywater recovery when possible
  • Buy America—10% or more
  • ENERGY STAR rated homes which are substantially more energy efficient than homes built to minimum code requirements. A certified Home Energy Rater will verify that all ENERGY STAR guidelines have been met

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