We strive to build homes that will last a lifetime and that will require reduced amounts of time, effort and money to maintain. The home will not only be beautiful to the eye, but also incorporate multifunctional spaces which will be able to transition to the homeowners needs. In other words, we have a holistic approach.

It means:

  • In order to avoid guesswork, we employ engineers for planning all foundation, structural, and mechanical systems in order to ensure permanence.
  • Providing a weatherproof environment by use of extensive moisture and temperature barriers
  • Any area that would allow air or moisture to enter the house is flashed and taped to provide a secure seal
  • Windows with Low-E glass to reduce UV rays
  • We work with each homeowner to define the design, form and function of product selections for lasting beauty and usage
  • Our building practices provide the elements for the National Association of Builders designation of Aging In Place (i.e. accommodations for handicapped accessible) since the average lifetime expectancy is constantly increasing
  • We have been serving customers for 32 years and stand behind our product

Michael Hurst Custom Builder | Fredericksburg, TX

Michael Hurst Custom Builder provides residential construction & consulting to Fredericksburg, Kerrville, Boerne & surrounding area.